Common fears in buying your first home – losing home due to increased payments

I love working with first time home buyers! These are the lovely folks whose first purchase has a huge impact on their life. The big change comes in moving away from paying someone else’s mortgage every month via rent and towards building equity and financial stability via paying down their own mortgage, participating in market increases, and building good credit with on-time mortgage payments.

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However, this first huge leap of faith in buying your own home may be daunting in general, some misinformation and perpetuated myths floating around sometimes make it more terrifying than it has to be. I have heard them all, but a few are common. Today we will discuss the myth of losing your home when your payments go up.

Read on to dispell this common myth I see with my first-time home buyers.
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Jumbo or High Balance mortgage loans

I have been working with wonderful people on purchase transactions and wanted to write a quick helpful note about high balance or jumbo mortgage loan products. Higher purchase prices in California’s major cities naturally results in higher loan amounts. To understand how a high purchase price affects your loan, read on!

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New FICO 580+ program coming July 1oth, 2017

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A new program for FICO scores as low as 580 is going to be available starting July 10th. A FICO score of 600-620 is usually required by most programs and this new mortgage program will allow people working on their credit score to access financing to buy a first or move up residence.

On-time mortgage payments build credit strong credit scores, so not only are you getting home ownership, but your credit is also improving. This is an incredible opportunity to improve the financial situation and stop renting.

Please call if you would like to get started on your mortgage application – I am available at all hours of the day, including nights and weekends. Call direct at 818-512-9926, or email

Ask a loan officer: locks, rates, discounts, and other peculiar things

I have recently had the pleasure of working with a few clients that were first-time homebuyers and besides other fun questions, a common thread was a discussion on how the rates are determined, what the heck is a lock, and how those rate discount points work. So here is plain English discussion on those adapted from these conversations. Enjoy! Continue reading “Ask a loan officer: locks, rates, discounts, and other peculiar things”